Now there’s an insurance option that works for the best performing physicians in the state.

medic-03D30440Owned and operated exclusively by New Jersey physicians, DocSecure is changing the “traditional” insurance business model, in which all doctors are deemed the same, regardless of their losses. Instead, our model depends upon a strict and exclusive underwriting/selection criteria that combines such critical data as: educational background, early residency and practice experience, practice specialty board certification status, recognized professional expertise and historical claims experience, to name a few.

Our members participate in the financing of the company and in developing and implementing our risk management practices.

With fewer insurers, limits on coverage and large rate increases on the horizon, malpractice challenges are destined to escalate. DocSecure is the new paradigm that gives malpractice insurance ownership to those who can manage it best. Physicians.


Coverage available
Up to $5 million per occurrence and $7 million annual aggregate for most types of practices and specialties.
Basic coverage
Made available on “claims made” basis, with “modified occurrence” coverage also available.
Prior Acts Coverage
(aka “Nose”) Available to enable easier transfer from prior insurer to DocSecure by eliminating the need to purchase costlier Tail Coverage from previous insurer and enduring a gap in future coverage.
Modified occurrence
Includes prefunded extended Tail Coverage options to reduce premiums and keep protection in place for doctors following termination or retirement.



It is designed for doctors who want to have more control over their malpractice insurance options – and who want to stop insurance companies who focus more on profit than service.

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