Our Products

Stand Out Coverage
to Weather Any Storm

DocSecure Products and Limits of Liability are as comprehensive as any offered by traditional insurers.

Rate Structures are responsible, yet competitive within the Marketplace:
We don’t aim to be the “cheapest” price. Premiums are set to maintain a stable Insurance market for our physician insured-owners over the long term.

We offer several levels and types of coverage. Coverage available up to $5 million per Claim and $7 million Annual Aggregate for most types of practices and specialties.

Our Four Product Levels of Insurance

1/ Prior Acts (aka “Nose”) Coverage

Available to enable easier transfer from prior insurer to DocSecure by eliminating the need to purchase an extended reporting period endorsement (aka “tail coverage”) from a previous insurer.

2/ Modified Occurrence Coverage

DocSecure offers Claims Made coverage and, when combined with our Prefunded Tail product, creates a type of coverage called Modified Occurrence that acts and performs in the same manner as Traditional Occurrence coverage.

3/ Traditional Occurrence Coverage

In addition to offering Modified Occurrence Coverage we also offer Traditional Occurrence Coverage.

4/ The Pre-funded Tail

(DocSecure’s most unique product)

DocSecure’s unique Pre-funded Tail Option allows us in effect to prefund your Tail endorsement now at discounted cost, thereby reducing your financial burden.


Please speak with an authorized representative of DocSecure to discuss the benefits of both options to determine which is best suited for you.