Who is DocSecure?

DocSecure is a special purpose captive insurance company owned entirely by its insured physicians.

DocSecure is a unique malpractice insurance model, owned and operated by top physicians with the core belief of providing advantages over the traditional medical malpractice insurance market in corporate structure, product offerings, consistent and individualized underwriting principles, customer service, risk management and claims handling.

How does DocSecure provide Insurance?

DocSecure issues insurance policies in conjunction with our fronting partner, Coverys.

Will the DocSecure Program always be backed by a Reinsurance Company?

Yes, the DocSecure program will always maintain some level of reinsurance protection.

This level may vary based on the size and financial assets of DocSecure, as well as its history of profitability. Reinsurance provides direct insurance companies with insurance of its own to cover higher layers of coverage.

This helps prevent a few very large losses from unduly affecting the financial results and viability of the overall program. Most insurers and reinsurers maintain some level of reinsurance for themselves regardless of their financial size.

Does DocSecure include Cyber Liability and Protection Plus Coverage?

Yes, in today’s digital environment, there is a strong need for a solid risk transfer strategy for cyber and regulatory exposures.

Our fronting carrier, Coverys, monitors emerging risks and is committed to providing products and services to address these risks. In keeping with our commitment, we are implementing new enhancements to our cyber liability and regulatory coverage (Cyber Liability and Protection Plus, formerly known as Regulatory Liability and Information Security & Privacy).