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A special purpose captive
insurance company owned
entirely by its insured physicians!

Now There’s An Insurance Option That Works For The Best Performing Physicians.

A Paradigm Shift for Medical Malpractice

DocSecure is changing the “traditional” insurance business model. DocSecure underwrites each physician using strict and exclusive underwriting/selection criteria that combines such critical data as: educational background, early residency and practice experience, practice specialty board certification status, recognized professional expertise and medical malpractice loss history. In addition, our members participate in developing and implementing our risk management practices.


With fewer insurers, limits on coverage and large rate increases on the horizon, malpractice challenges are destined to escalate. DocSecure is owned by its insured physicians, which allows medical malpractice insurance availability, coverage limits, and pricing to be influenced by those who can manage it best... Physicians!

What we do. What makes us unique.

DocSecure is a special purpose captive insurance company owned entirely by its insured physicians, each of whom owns stock in DocSecure. (full details regarding the financial structure of DocSecure will be made available in the prospectus).

This arrangement is designed to strengthen DocSecure’s financial position and long-term stability and viability. Participation in DocSecure is selective; DocSecure is designed for physicians and medical practices who want to have more control over their malpractice insurance options – and who do not want to be completely reliant on insurance companies who focus more on profits than service. If you’re tired of the uncertain and unstable malpractice insurance cycle and prefer to be evaluated on your own capabilities, consider becoming a part of DocSecure.


Specific selection of only the best performing
physicians in select specialties.

The DocSecure difference...

  • 1/ Ownership

    100% Direct Physician ownership, management & control.

  • 2/ Selection

    Peer to Peer underwriting for preferred risk selection.

  • 3/ Structure

    Safety of an “A” rated fronting partner & reinsurer.

  • 4/ Service

    Physician-centric Claims & Risk Management.

  • 5/ Products

    Unique options offered nowhere else.

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