Why Join?


Malpractice Insurance

is a cyclical business defined by extremes in rates, availability of coverage and limits of liability offered.

Most recent “hard market”
was in 2001


Cyclical Instability

When rates are high, coverage is limited and overall profitability increases, which causes more and newer insurers to enter the marketplace.

Ultimately, the level of competition to write more business increases, driving rates down and expanding both coverage and limits offered

With pressure to maintain direct written premium volume, insurers compromise sound underwriting principles and some even sacrifice important claims and risk services to improve financial performance.

Inevitably, this deterioration of sound underwriting and insurance principles lead to lower profits for traditional insurance companies, rates increase, and insurance availability shrinks.

DocSecure’s consistent focus on individual physician underwriting, risk management, and claims handling provides a way to counter the effects of these cycles.



  • DocSecure is a special purpose captive insurance company owned entirely by its insured physicians, each of whom owns stock in DocSecure. (full details regarding the nancial structure of DocSecure will be made available in the prospectus).
  • In the DocSecure insurance program, each insured physician purchases insurance directly from a credible, highly- rated insurance company authorized to write insurance in the state in which the insured physician is located, currently Coverys.
  • DocSecure insures its physicians through a reinsurance agreement between our national A-rated partner carrier Coverys and DocSecure. This business model allows DocSecure to provide some of the insurance for its physicians, while having the ability to limit DocSecure’s losses through the terms of the reinsurance contract with Coverys. This arrangement is designed to strengthen DocSecure’s nancial position and long-term stability and viability.
  • In the DocSecure business model, company performance will be enhanced by retained underwriting pro ts and investment income, positioning membership as a “performing investment opportunity for physicians.” Insurance premiums paid by members contribute to company performance and benefit all member/ investors. Membership in DocSecure is only available to a select group of the very best pysicians and medical practices in the state.
  • Participation in DocSecure is selective; DocSecure is designed for physicians and medical practices who want to have more control over their malpractice insurance options – and who do not want to be completely reliant on insurance companies who focus more on pro ts than service.
  • It is ideal for doctors who want to turn a “significant expense” into a long term performing asset.
  • If you’re tired of the uncertain and unstable malpractice insurance cycle and prefer to be evaluated on your own capabilities, – consider becoming a part of DocSecure.



  • Coverage available at $5 million per claim and $7 million annual aggregate for most types of practices and specialties.


  • Made available on a claims-made basis, with Modified Occurrence Coverage also available.


  • Available to enable easier transfer from prior insurer to DocSecure by eliminating the need to purchase an extended reporting period endorsement (aka “tail coverage”) from previous insurer (which may be more expensive than Prior Acts Coverage) and enduring a gap in future coverage.


  • Includes pre-funded extended reporting period tail coverage options to reduce premiums and keep protection in place for doctors following termination or retirement.


  • Through our relationship with Coverys, in addition to offering Modified Occurrence Coverage we also offer Traditional Occurrence Coverage. That means the insured physician has the option of pre-funding an extended reporting period (Modified Occurrence) or Occurrence Coverage with an extended reporting period included at no additional cost. Please speak with an authorized representative of Arthur J. Gallagher (Tim Hoover / Bilal Ashraf) or DocSecure employee Ralph Serio to discuss the benefits of both options to determine which is best suited for you.